Monday, May 7, 2012

Meg's Rainy Day Finger Puppets

This is how I kept two unruly boys busy on Sunday when it rained. It’s a great way to use up fabric scraps, or a reason to use the fabric you bought for no other reason than it caught your eye. (I’m guilty of the latter!) All materials used are  any good crafter's staples. And all five of these critters took me only about 30 minutes to make. Also, these finger puppets would make a great last minute gift for any lucky kid.
Items Needed For Project:
Fabric with approximate print size of around 3”
Felt (I used Craft Felt which is made in the USA and from Eco-fi 100% recycled plastic)
Glue Stick
Marker (I used a Sharpie)
Scrap Paper

Step 1:
Pin scrap paper to back side of material and cut out around the print leaving an extra 1/4”-1/2” material. (You are making pattern for felt  pieces.)  

100_3818 (2) 
Step 2:
Take a sheet of felt and cut into quarters  
Step 3:
Pin paper pattern you made to two pieces of felt and cut out.
Step 4:
Take fabric and using your glue stick glue to a piece of felt. Set with iron.
Next making your finger puppet opening. Place your marker where you want the opening to be and pin. This will mark where you start and stop sewing.
Step 6:
Sew on machine, starting at one pin (making sure to back stitch)  stopping when you reach the second pin (remember to back stitch again).
Step 7:
This step is simple; snip off extra thread and trim any unwanted excess material and felt off.
Step 8:
Give your new creations to someone special and let them enjoy!!

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