Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zipit Zippers #3 Coil YKK Zipper Color Charts By Size

 YKK #3 Coil Zippers Currently Available at All 65 colors in chart above available in sizes 3" through 20".

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick Guide to Zipper Teeth and Coil Sizes

There are so many different types of zippers out there it can make your head spin! Here a little guide to help you understand the different coil types and sizes in zippers. 

The first thing you will need to know is there are 3 different types of teeth/coils- nylon coil, plastic molded, and metal.

Nylon Coil zippers consist of a continuous coil chain made from nylon. They are very flexible and most commonly used in fashion (skirts, dresses, etc.), pouches and bags. If the coil is located on the back of the zipper instead of the front it is an Invisible Zipper.

Metal zippers consist of individual metal teeth. They are typically made from nickel, brass, aluminum and manganese. They are available in several finishes such as gold, antique gold, black oxidized, brass, nickel aluminum and specialty finishes such as the Excella Rainbow Teeth Zippers.  They are often used in jeans, leather items, jackets, sweatshirts,and bags.

Plastic Molded (or Sports) zippers have individual plastic teeth that fit together like puzzle pieces.They are very durable and commonly used in outerwear, sports clothes and equipment (gym bags, etc.), and outdoor goods.

Each tooth size/coil is available in different widths. The widths are measured in millimeters. The higher the number, the wider your teeth will be.

Here is an example of the plastic molded zippers and their different size teeth. 

And another example, this time with nylon coil zippers:

 The higher the number, the wider the coil. It's that simple!

I hope this helps you determine the right zipper for your project. Please feel free to ask any questions! 

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