Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meg's Classic Sock Monkey Tutorial

This is a super easy gift to make on a budget! I made him for my cousin’s baby shower and it only cost me $5 and took me about an hour.
Items Needed For Project:
One pair of socks  (I used Original Rockford Red heal, but you can use knee socks too.)
White or black embroidery floss for mouth stitching
Polyester fiber fill
Scraps of black felt or fleece for the eyes and nostrils (Black buttons can be used if not made for a small child.)
Piece of chalk for marking sew line
Needle and thread
Step 1:
Take your first sock turn it inside out. Then using chalk, make a line about 1/4” from each side of crease in sock starting about an 1 1/2 " down from the heal. Continue line down to sock opening curving each line out to the  corner (see picture below).
monkey 100_3733
Step 2:
Stitch along the chalk lines making sure to back stitch at ends
Step 3:
Cut between stitch lines ending 1/2” past sewing

Step 4:
Turn sock right side out and stuff with fiber fill. Then turn in raw edges and  using a overcast stitch close the crotch.
Step 5:
Cut second sock for part body parts. Cut the heal out for the mouth making sure to leave about 1/4” of brown for room to turn raw edges in. Next cut out the arms starting where you cut the heal. Fold in half and cut all the way down to sock opening. Next cut out tail by cutting about  1” from edge  all the way up the top of the sock curving at the toe. Finally with remaining sock cut out 4 (c) shapes for ears.                          (See pictures)
100_3727    100_3721        100_3722             100_3730
Step 6:
Take all 6 strands of embroidery floss and embroider a running stitch across middle of red part of mouth. Next cut two small tear drop shapes out of black fleece and sew on for nostrils (also can be embroidered on with black floss). Finally pin to monkey making sure to turn raw edges in. Overcast stitch around half the the mouth; I like to do the bottom chin area first. Then stuff mouth with fiber fill. How much you choose to fill is up to you, whatever you think looks nice. Then re-pin and finish stitching around the rest of the mouth.100_3741
Step 7:
Time to finish the face.  Cut out fleece for eyes. Place on face where you think looks good and hold with stick pin. Sew on. Next take ear pieces pin good sides together and sew together. Leave  bottom open for turning. Then place on side of head pin with raw edges turned and and sew to head. Repeat steps for other ear.
Step 8:
Fold arm in half good side in pin and on the sewing machine stitch close to edge starting on the brown part and curve to the corner of the sock cuff like you did for the feet. Turn arm right side out and stuff . Place on monkey just behind mouth corner pin and sew on. Repeat for other arm.  
Step 9:
Take tail piece and pin the same way you did the arms. Sew on the machine . Turn and stuff, then place on monkey above the butt and stitch on.
Congratulations now you’ve completed your first sock monkey !!

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