Thursday, April 26, 2012

lia's crafty journey: tutorial: ms. lipsie the pocket girl

Lia from  Lia's Crafty Journey is sharing her Lipsie the Pocket Girl Tutorial with us! Isn't she just darling!??! 

Thank you for sharing Lia!

tutorial: ms. lipsie the pocket girl

A happy valentine's gift and a Chinese New Year's gift to you all :).  I though I'd share one of my pocket idea :)...not suggested for little they might get too scared of it hahahahahaha...I made this using my unwanted khakis from GAP, the hair was using my husband's unwanted pants from Express (these pants are like 10years++ by now).  For the lining, I used some leftover Balinese batik and I just happen to find the pink ribbon :).  This was supposed to be a goody bag prototype..but I think it's a little too creepy for children :p.  Here is the link to the tutorial+pattern...ENJOY! And...PLEASE send me some pictures when you make your own version...I would so love to see them :)

Ms. Lipsie trying to eat up my Lens cover :)....yum yum yum....


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